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Memorial Tributes

Big Yiayia

August 2005
Maine-ly at the Beach

Vacation in Maine.

August 2005
And the Living Is Easy...

Summertime fun.

July-August 2005
Family & Friends

Quality time in NY.

July 2005
Summer Collage

Random images from summer '05.

July 2005
Playing around at the Playground

The boys and cousin Zoe visit a playground near Yiayia's house.

July 2005
Better than Fireworks

The boys have some fun in the pool.

March 2005
Snow Angels

The boys have some fun in the snow.

February 2005
Barbarians at The Gates

It's nice to walk through, but is it art?

February 2005

Dancing around at Jimmy's birthday.

February 2005
All Aboard!

Trains big and small.

January 2005
Fooling around at Yiayia's

The boys & Zoe play around.

December 2004
Thea Chrisanthi & Yiayia Visit NY

A pre-X-mas treat.

September 2004
Pappou's last NY visit

An Autumn visit from Pappou and Yiayia.

July 2004
Summer in NY
Horsing around at home.

Past Archives

July 10, 2004
Big Yiayia's 94th!

June 2004
Walking Tall

April 2004

April 11, 2004
Big Fat Greek Easter

March 13, 2004