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Lazy, Crazy, Hazy
Days of Summer

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Posing for a summer portrait.

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Loucas (left) and Alex aren't always elegant.

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The boys had a nice long visit from Auntie Vera,
who stuck around for a while after the baptism.

Alex&Diaper.jpg (25171 bytes)
Alex does his sheik impression.

Alex&Loucas@Yiayias.jpg (31368 bytes)
One up, one down (as usual)

AlexLoucas&Barney.jpg (19826 bytes)
Happy memories of the boys with Barney

YiayaiAlexLoucas.jpg (38310 bytes)
For their first road trip,
the boys ventured to to Big Yiayia's
house in Upper Darby over July 4th weekend.

LoucasMarilynAlex.jpg (14993 bytes)
Marilyn came up
from Washington for a nice long visit.

Desi&Alex.jpg (19727 bytes)
Cousin Desie hosted the boys at
her house during their visits to

jackie-baby.jpg (13331 bytes)
Alex enjoys one of his summer outfits.