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April 20, 2003
Easter, Part I
. The boys celebrate their first Catholic Easter.

April 11, 2003
"Too cute"
. Photos support the allegation that the twins are just "too cute."

April 10, 2003
Double trouble.
Can you tell the twins apart?

March 1, 2003
Andrea's Visit.
After spending a week with "Auntie Andrea" the twins said a sad goodbye.

Feb. & March, 2003
The babysitters.
Thea Jo & Uncle George never held an infant before, but did OK as babysitters for their nephews.

Feb. 15, 2003
A visit from Mom
  in the NICU before Loucas's homecoming.

Feb. 11, 2003
First Photos of Loucas
. Photos of Loucas in the Newborn ICU.

Feb 8, 2003
Alex's First Day. A look at Alex's first 24 hours at home.

Feb. 7, 2003
Alex Comes Home
. Despite a storm that dropped over five inches of snow on the New York Region , baby Alex came home from the hospital on Feb. 7  to check out the place in advance for brother Loucas.

Feb. 1, 2003
Twins Are Born!
Loucas Constantine Corcoran Tzanis and Alexander Michael Corcoran Tzanis make their first appearance at  5:46 and 5:47 this morning, respectively.

March 9, 2002
Dean & Jackie's wedding
. Photos & details of the big event.

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Cousin Zoe Online.
Luke & Alex's cousin Zoe has had her own Web site for over a year.

The Twins Celebrate Easter, Part II
The Tzanis Clan Descends on New York for Greek Easter

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NEW YORK, April 27 - It was time to break out the lamb, spanikopita, and red eggs today, as the Tzanis family gathered in Gotham to welcome the twins to their first Greek Easter.

Three Tzanis generations were present on the Upper West side for the occasion and there was food galore! Dad cooked a sumptuous feast, but Yiayia (of course) brought her own full meal as well. Although Uncle Evan and Thea Nia couldn't make it this time, they've promised to pay the boys a special visit very soon.

Dad takes a break from cooking for a little play time
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Cousin Zoe had lots of doggies to play with
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Theo George and cousin Zoe pose while Yiayia multitasks
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As Alex sleeps, Pappou and his namesake pose for pictures
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