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The happy couple

The church
The church

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The party

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The Night Cafe

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March 9, 2002
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It was a match made in heaven (or at least near the corner of Amsterdam and 106th)...

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He was a surly printing expert and jazz aficionado who mumbled Greek obscenities under his breath... She, an educator with a wide smile and sparkling eyes who could hold her own at both the bar and the pool table.

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Little did they know when they first met that Cupid's bow was aimed straight at them. Zing!

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It was love at first sight, and after a whirlwind courtship of 13 years, the morning coat and the white dress were fitted and led up the aisle of Manhattan's Church of the Holy Name on a sunny Saturday morning.

So click around the site and savor the memories of
Dean & Jackie's big event!


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The toasts

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The views

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The dancing

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The candids

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Cosa nostra

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