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The happy couple

The church
The church

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The party

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The Night Cafe

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Ok, Dean & Jackie are basically luddites...

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They didn't want a web page, and they definitely would have refused this endeavor altogether if it weren't for the persistence of yours truly.

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They finally conceded that they do want distant friends and relatives (that is, anyone outside of a six-block radius of the Night Cafe) to be able to see the wedding pictures, and so they reluctantly agreed to go through with this, although Dean did specify: "Nothing flashing, moving, or rotating, Joanne, I mean it."

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So, there you are. Now, before you sit back and welcome Dean and Jackie as they come kicking and screaming into the 21st century, keep in mind the following caveats:

  • As a production professional who makes his living creating high-end, high-resolution print materials, Dean despises the generally crappy production values of the Web. Also, he had nothing to do with the layout or images on these pages. In fact, some of these are so bad, I just put them in to annoy him.
  • If you happen to look bad in a picture, don't blame me, I didn't take the pictures, I just put them online where millions of people could look at them.
  • If you really object to a picture of you on the site, I'll take it down, but trying to take something off the Internet is like trying to take pee out of a swimming pool. I can't guarantee that your picture won't be floating around on the Internet somewhere with your head perched on Jennifer Lopez's body.

Oh well, don't say I never warned you.

- Joanne

(and if you really need to see stuff flashing, moving, or rotating, you can always check out Zoe Online.)

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The toasts

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The views

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The dancing

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The candids

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Cosa nostra

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