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yiayia.jpg (6914 bytes)Happy 93rd, "Big Yiayia"!
Great-Grandma Turns 93

BRYN MAWR, July 13 - Four generations gathered on this beautiful summer day for a surprise party for Luke and Alex's great-grandma (called "Big Yiayia" by most of the boys' cousins) to celebrate her 93rd birthday on July 10.

Among those present at the celebration were Big Yiayia's two daughters, seven grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren.

Cousins Nickie and Lenny hosted the party by the pool and Yiayia and "Thea-Yiyia" Anna put together the birthday feast.

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Loucas is about ready for a nap.

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Aunt Laurie, Theo George, and cousin Zoe
enjoy some of the birthday feast

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niapool.jpg (8664 bytes)
Goofing around in the water

zoe-yiayia-twins2.jpg (17839 bytes)
Big Yiaia with has her hands
full with a few of her great-grandhcildren.

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Thea Nia takes the squirmy twins

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A meditative moment with
Cousin Desie and Thea Nia

dad-yiayia.jpg (13204 bytes)
Pappou and Big Yiayia hang out in the shade.

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The gang hangs out poolside

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Host and hostess, cousins Lenny & Nickie

zoe-pool.jpg (15747 bytes)
Cousin Zoe takes her first plunge
in the pool with Mom and Dad

thayiayia.jpg (6770 bytes)
Thea-Yiayia Anna helped
provide the feast

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A twin cousin
up-close and personal.

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Thea Nia helps Uncle Evan and the boys model t-shirts from the couple's grad school alma mater