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These manuals provide guidance to writers, editors, and proofreaders on the details of writing style required by a particular publisher. Guides may vary on the styling of elements such as punctuation, capitalization, footnotes, captions, abbreviations, references, etc.

Web Style Guide. This excellent guide from Yale University Press is more than a style guide for Web writing. It includes very useful information on site development and user-interface design, as well as guidance on typography, editorial style, and the use of graphics and multimedia.

Online Style Guides. Some of the style guides most commonly used by professional publishers are not available as free online resources, but this site from George Mason University provides information on common style issues from the APA, CSE, Chicago and MLA guides.

MHRA Style Guide. (PDF) Style guide for books and scholarly articles published by the Modern Humanities Research Association.

Writer's Style Guide. Carnegie Mellon's guide, largely based on the Associated Press Stylebook, is geared toward non-academic writing.

U.S. Government Printing Office Style Manual. A comprehensive, searchable manual available in both HTML and PDF formats

The Economist Style Guide. This online guide is based on the style book given to journalists at The Economist (and therefore presents British usage standards). Also includes very useful guidance on topics such as the use of jargon, tone, metaphors, and slang.

English Style Guide. A manual prepared by the English units of the European Commission's Translation Service.

Garbl's Editorial Style Manual. A useful guide by Gary B. Larson, largely based on the Associated Press Stylebook.

The Elements of Style. William Strunk's classic style guide for basic English composition. (One of many excellent reference texts available at

The King's English. H.W. Fowler's standard resource, presenting common-sense rules of British style and grammar. (One of many excellent reference texts available at

Standard Print Guides. The following standard style guides are not available as free online resources (links are to purchasing information):

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