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ZOE takes a bite out of the BIG APPLE

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Zoe didn't have enough time this past month to keep her Web site up- to-date... Like any hip, happening gal of the new millenium, she's been multi-tasking and tied up with her many social engagements.

Of course, Zoe's biggest trip in March was when she spent a weekend in Manhattan attending Uncle Dean and Aunt Jackie's gala Wedding celebration.

Zoe didn't waste any time welcoming Aunt Jackie into the family... 

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The wedding and reception were both grand affairs... (If you'd like to see more, you can check out Dean & Jackie's Web site)

Oh, the views!!

From the restaurant terrace at the reception, Zoe and Dad enjoy the sweeping views of the city....

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And after the big event, Zoe and Mom chill out in their room at the Hilton.

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